Lotion Facts

Lotions are essential to the overall tanning process because healthy skin tans better. Tanning lotions are full of vitamins, botanicals, essential oils, and anti-oxidants, which help restore moisture to the skin during and after tanning.

Helps to boost the natural tanning process by stimulating Melanin production in the skin as soon as the skin is exposed to UV light.  Intensifiers are also known as accelerators, maximizers  or pure lotion and are best used for establishing a base tan.  Can double as a great after tan moisturizer! 

Natural Bronzers
Encourages the skin’s natural tanning process by utilizing immediate bronzers that provide instant gratification, along with working to build a base tan and helping to even out skin tone without the use of DHA. A few commonly used ingredients in natural bronzers are caramel, henna and black walnut extract.

DHA Bronzers 
Formulated to supplement a tan in two ways. Either with a light self tanner that delivers additional color in 2-4 hours while a natural tan develops, and/or with cosmetic bronzers that provide immediate color. Both help deliver darker, more immediate looking results. Try not to shower the first 3 hours after tanning session. This will cause the bronzers to just wash off.

Tingle Products
Enhances the tanning process by stimulating and increasing microcirculation of the skin. Methyl Nicotinate and Benzyl Nicotinate are common Tingle ingredients that create a temporary reddening appearance and warming, tingling effect.
These lotions should never be used on the face

Cooling Products 
Contains a special skin cooling ingredients that counteract the heat of a tanning bed by drawing warmth away from the skin. These are opposite of Tingle Lotions.

Hemp seed oil in the closest oil to the oil that your skin produces. This multi-beneficial ingredient hydrates skin with a highly evolved balance of fatty acids, amino acids, and vital nutrients. This also helps the skin for increased translucency for UV penetration.

Hypoallergenic lotions are all natural fragrance free. These lotions are made for people with very sensitive skin.

Outside Oil and Lotions

Outdoor products are intended to be used outdoors. They can cause a film on tanning bed acrylics, and actually inhibits your body from tanning.  These products are prohibited in all tanning equipment.

Sun Facts

The Truth About Tanning 

Myths and Misconceptions About UV and Tanning. The purveyors of sun-scare, in inexplicable blind zeal for their cause, have made some outlandish and unsupportable statements about sunshine, UV, Vitamin D and tanning. Think about this: Because sunshine is free, there is no powerful pro-sun PR lobby aggressively countering these misstatements.


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